G5 Business Forum – is a platform for experienced entrepreneurs to talk about their success stories and exchange the most relevant cases, during one- day forum.

Incubation program - is a program for aspiring entrepreneurs and startups to help launch a business idea and take part in a pitching session in front of investors and donors.

Startup Talks - а weekly speech from people who have been successful in a particular field in order to motivate the audience.

Cup Business-Incubator - a project aimed to find ambitious startups with further sponsorships through selecting in the competition.

Consulting center - is a platform for entrepreneurs to get advices personally in various themes from government employees and state authorities.

Business-connect - is a platform for mutually beneficial cooperation, which provides an opportunity to meet with more than 50 entrepreneurs in 2 hours and find potential customers and investors for your project.

Express - course "How to become an entrepreneur”- an intensive course during which basic business training will be provided and reinforced with practical assignments.

Еraining potential entrepreneurs - Conducting intensive business training with the result – to start ones’ own business.

Hackathon - is a meeting place for specialists in a particular field: designers, developers, programmers, etc., during which specialists work together to solve a problem and develop a joint project, which they will work on in the future.

The Startup Ecosystems Summit is an event aimed at building a start-up community that will discuss critical institutional issues related to private sector development in the Central Asian region. The Startup Ecosystems Summit will create a framework within which various national and international stakeholders will carefully discuss critical issues associated with the development of the private sector.

Geography: 4 regions of the country

Coverage: 250 participants

Financial Literacy for Housewives - is to organize series of financial inclusion trainings to improve the financial literacy of women, to improve the management of their budgets and increase the use of digital financial mechanisms.

A CRM system is a program for automating and controlling the interaction of a company with customers. It stores and structures information about orders and customers, helps optimize marketing, increase sales and service quality.

SMM School - is aimed at training young people in the SMM direction in order to provide them with jobs.

Info-tour for Tajik entrepreneurs in the USA - to broaden the worldview of entrepreneurs and familiarize them with the market of developed countries.

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