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The State Institution "Business Incubator of Tajikistan" was established on the initiative of the Founder of Peace and National Unity - Leader of the Nation Emomali Rahmon, 31 December 2018.
The institution operates within the framework of its statutory powers to provide methodological support and advice to start-up entrepreneurs and, taking into account the experience of business incubators of civilized countries, operates in the field of business development and investment.
The State Institution "Business Incubator of Tajikistan" provides the following services.
- providing business education;
- recommendations on business plan development;
- conducting trainings and courses "from plan to action".
- learning how to make capital;
- tax, legal, marketing and other consulting.

Develop your business with us!

Co-working of the State Business Incubator is a place that unites people. New acquaintances, inspiration, useful contacts, joint creativity and even collaborations - these and other opportunities you get in our co-working.
Conference hall
The conference hall of the State Business Incubator is a modern complex for holding seminars, business negotiations, crowded presentations, and many business events.

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Professional and moral support becouse mentor is not just teacher, but like friend


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